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Beef Entrees


Ox Tails

Succulent cuts of beef tails braised and simmered with secret seasonings and vegetables cooked to perfection in delicious brown gravy.


Pepper Steak

Ground beef patties seasoned with creole spices simmered with onion and green peppers.


Meat Loaf

A perfect blend of ground beef, onions, peppers, garlic bread crumbs and seasoning, which is then covered in a rich tomato based sauce.


Meat Balls

Homemade ground beef meatballs seasoned to perfection, baked to lock in the natural juices, and covered in gravy.


Short Ribs

Short cuts of beef rib marinated overnight, braised, and then cooked with onion & garlic until tender and delicious.

Pork Entrees



Pork intestines marinated in special blend of seasonings, simmered with peppers until they are tender like a knife cutting through butter.


Smothered Pork Chops

Pork chops braised quickly then simmered with green and red peppers, onions, and special seasonings until fork tender.


Ham Hocks

Pork shanks which are boiled with our pork seasoning blend, celery, onion, and garlic, which is served in its natural gravy.


Smothered Pork Ribs

Top section of pork rib slab sliced and cooked in a rich brown gravy. (The gravy will have you licking your fingertips!)


Pork Neck Bones

Neck bones simmered with red and green peppers, onions and seasoning until the meat begins to fall from the bone, served in its natural gravy.

Poultry Entrees


Smothered Chicken

Chicken seasoned to perfection, quick braised, and then simmered with onions served with gravy made from chicken drippings.


Chicken & Dumplings

Chicken simmered with vegetables and seasonings, and then infused with homemade dumplings, which forms a creamy golden gravy.


Fried Chicken

Ms. Gladys’s special fried chicken is marinated overnight in her own special blend of seasonings, dredged through a special flour mixture, and deep fried to a golden brown.


Cornished Hen

Cornish hen stuffed with vegetables and infused with special seasonings, basted with a butter sauce, and baked to perfection.

Turkey Entrees


Turkey Wings

Young turkey wings simmered with garlic, peppers, seasoning mix, cooked slowly until tender, and served in its own light creamy gravy.


Turkey Necks

Turkey necks simmered with garlic, peppers, seasoning mix, cooked slowly until tender.

Seafood Entrees


Fried Catfish

Catfish filets sprinkled with our secret blend of seasonings then dredged through our special cornmeal mix, and deep fried until golden and crispy.

$ 8.50

Seafood Gumbo (Seasonal)

Our Louisiana style gumbo is cooked in a rich brown homemade roux and is filled with shrimp, crab, chicken, sausage, okra, celery, onions, peppers, and served over a bed of steaming white rice.